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26 MARCH 2019  |  15:00 GMT  |  10:00 EST


Commerce in B2B Rules:

Delivering success in the era 

of digital transformation

With global commerce sales expected to reach $6.6 trillion by 2020, leading B2B companies are transforming their businesses to provide customers with frictionless digital buying journeys.

B2B commerce projects within wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing can range from creating an entire end-to-end solution to upgrading or streamlining existing processes or systems. 

These projects are often complicated with diverse goals and layers of decision makers. Without smart management, projects can exceed initial budgets and timeframes, conflict with legacy systems, and lack internal buy-in.

Join LiveArea for a 30-minute webinar, addressing critical questions for successful B2B commerce delivery: ​

  • What are the key challenges for wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers when it comes to delivery operations?
  • To meet business goals, should businesses build in-house competencies, outsource a project, or combine both?
  • Which key rules ensure successful platform implementation?

Richard Mathias  | Senior Technology Architect, LiveArea

Your Speakers

Richard Mathias is a Senior Technology Architect at LiveArea EMEA. An alumnus of Cambridge University who started his career at British Steel in Port Talbot, Richard is an experienced IT and commerce professional, having previously worked in strategy, consulting, technology and operations services provision. Richard specialises in bringing people, process, technology and innovation together to help B2C and B2B companies achieve measurable success.

Rich Morgan  | Area Vice President SAP Sales Lead, LiveArea

Rich Morgan has spent his career of 25+ years working with dozens of clients to unlock the power of customer engagement through digital transformation. In his latest endeavours, Rich has focused on helping B2B customers realise the benefits of digital transformation to drive impactful business results and exceed KPIs.

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